​Vehicle Call Sign Plates

In the Province of New Brunswick Radio Amateurs since the 1950's have had the privilege of obtaining vehicle license plates displaying their radio call sign.

For several years, Fred LeBlanc, VE9UN, has been devoted to ensuring continuation of this special benefit. His administrative experience gained through a long career with the NB government make him uniquely qualified to facilitate the acquisition of call sign plates by Radio Amateurs in New Brunswick.

 Fred has very helpfully laid out specific directions related to call plate acquisition in the document below. These steps are essential to obtaining this special concession and must be followed precisely to avoid difficulty. 

Radio Amateurs in New Brunswick are greatly indebted to Fred for his dedication in overseeing the application process and ensuring the ongoing availability of call letter plates.

Please click here for instructions on how to apply for your vehicle call plate.

Call Plates can only be registered to the following classes of vehicles:

Call Plates cannot be registered to:

Today’s ½ and ¾ ton trucks with all the fancy accessories etc., in most cases will have a vehicle weight of over 3000 kg which places the vehicle into the “non-passenger” category. For those of you who have such a vehicle and are thinking of requesting Call Plates, before doing so please contact Fred VE9UN at 506-472-3215 to get the procedure to obtain a certified weight of 3000 kg or less which will allow Call Plates on your vehicle. Doing this will save for time for both of us. Your cooperation in this matter would be greatly appreciated.